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Build a Mini Office Pantry with these 7 Healthy Snacks!

You have a big project due at work so you get there at 7 am to get a head start. You look down at the clock a few minutes later and all of a sudden it's 3 pm and you haven't had a thing to eat all day! Most likely once you get to this point you'll go for anything and everything that crosses your path. After you over indulge you're likely to feel bloated, uncomfortable and fatigued. How can you help build a system of healthy eating when you have a heavy workload and the only convenient foods near your office also happen to be less nourishing or filling? Stocking up on these mini office pantry staples will help you stay nourished and feeling good all week.

1. Nut Butters: Peanut butter, almond butter (good for those with peanut allergies) or sunflower seed butter such as Sun Butter (good for those with both peanut and and tree nut allergies). Any of these selections will give you filling nutrients including protein, fat and fiber.

2. Whole grain crackers or bread: These are great on their own to help fill you up or combined with your nut or seed butter for a more complete snack. You'll get whole grains, fiber and B vitamins.

3. Fresh fruit: Stock up at the beginning of the week with a variety of easy to eat fruits such as apples, clementines and bananas. Many of these pair well with nut butters and are loaded with vitamin C, Magnesium and Phosphorus. When you go to the grocery store over the weekend, pick some less ripe fruits for the end of the week and more ripe fruits to eat at the beginning of the week.

4. Dried fruit: If you have trouble consuming a whole stock of fresh fruit each week at work, supplement with some dried fruits that will stay fresh for longer. Try to pick dried fruit without added sugar to increase the amount of nutrient dense and nourishing calories you're consuming.

5. Pre cut veggies: Even without a fridge, bringing pre cut veggies to munch on in the morning will help you get even more nutrients including B vitamins and vitamin A. Have a fridge? Individually pack 5 servings Monday morning and munch on them throughout the week.

6. Dips and spreads: Shelf stable hummus and black bean dip are now readily available in most grocery stores. These go great with Whole grain crackers or pre cut veggies to pack in fiber, potassium and protein. Try to select lower sodium options when available.

7. Dairy: Milk, yogurt and cheese are also now readily available in most grocery stores and can be stored in your office pantry. Have a fridge? Even better, you can stock up on fresh yogurt cups and cheese sticks. Make sure you pay attention to the dates and only keep as much as you can eat on hand. These will help you consume your daily protein, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D.

Have another idea for a healthy snack? Comment below with your creative ideas!

Happy snacking!

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