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Meal Service Review #7: Peach Dish

If you didn’t get a chance to read my other meal service reviews, you can find them at these links: Blue Apron, Plated, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Green Chef and Sun Basket. Now for my Peach Dish review! Ordering: There are different prices for each meal (10 meal options and a dessert) that range from $25-62 for 2 servings. They also have special cook out meals for July that are only available for 4 servings and are $24-82 for 4 meals. The dessert options are $21.99 for 2 servings. My delivery came out to $60 ($70 for 3 meals for 2 people with

$10 off with a discount code). You can also save $10 on your order using this code: 8MKJESU5 at their website The cook time is prominently displayed when ordering and ranges from 10-60 minutes. You can select different menu categories at the top of the page including: All, Meat, Seafood, Vegetarian, Quick Fix, SuperFood, Ribbon, Special Kits, Sweet, No Gluten and Summer Cookout.

Website: The website is easy to navigate and make your selections. In addition to meal delivery, there’s a market where you can purchase groceries including categories: All, Meats, Seafood, Pantry, Kits, Cookbooks, Gift Cards, Linens, Seasonings, Condiments & Preserves, Snacks & Appetizers and Sweets. The website is easy to navigate and make your selections. Suppliers are highlighted on a page on their website and include many locally sourced sustainable companies. App: No app

Packaging: The packaging was unique since it had clear instructions on the outside of the box making it easy to find everything. The meal ingredients were individually wrapped in a shear lace which added a nice touch. Many materials are recyclable and you can go to their website or scan the QR code on the box and they will send you a return label which you can use to send the materials back to be recycled.

Box instructions read:

A Guide on Where to Find:

Menu Cards: tucked between liner and box

Proteins: separately packaged in silver insulated bag at bottom of box

Ingredients: individually packed for each recipe in colored bags


Cynthia Graubart’s Country Captain with Rice, Almonds & Mango Chutney: The chicken was extremely tender and flavorful as the instructions called for partially cooking the chicken, then making the sauce and adding it back in. The almonds and raisins added a pop crunch and sweetness. I cooked the bell peppers separately since my husband doesn’t like bell peppers and it worked out great.

Chicken Chimichangas with Mushrooms, Chipotle & Sour Cream: This meal was delicious but took substantially more time than the recipe card called for since there were many steps before getting it into the oven. There was extra filling that couldn’t fit into the tortillas so it would have been nice to have slightly larger tortillas. It had a wonderful flavor and crispy texture from being baked in the oven. There was a small lettuce and tomato salad served with the chimichangas.

Pesto Gnocci with Green Beans & Vidalia Onion: This was a very quick and easy meal which was great since I didn’t have a lot of time the night I made it. It’s convenient to be able to look at the different recipe cards and decide which one to make according to your schedule for the week.

Nutrition: There were a good amount of veggies, meat and grains making for pretty balanced meals. There wasn’t a ton of dairy or fruit so those would be good additions on the side of the meal or to add as an afternoon snack or with breakfast to make sure you’re getting all your required nutrients for the day. All of the meals we received were high in fiber and protein and contained no added sugars. The meals were also notably more balanced than many of the other meal services with protein, fat and carbohydrates. An area to improve upon would be to decrease sodium levels especially since that’s something clients can easily add to taste if desired.

Nutrition Facts Labels: Peach Dish is ahead of the game on their Nutrition Facts labels and they’re already using the new label requirements. These changes will go into effect for all labels July 26, 2018 for manufacturers or July 26, 2019 if less than $10 million in annual food salesbvh ny. Changes include displaying added sugars, Vitamin D and Potassium. Other changes include increasing the size of the calories and the serving size.

Overall: There was a distinguished level of customer service with Peach Dish from a combination of unique touches. An insert was included with sources and grower information for all ingredients used in the recipes. Also included was a food focused magazine as an extra treat. Peach Dish commented on my Instagram acknowledging the receipt of my meals and they also commented on my gnocci post that I won a free meal for best picture of the week. I thought that was a fun way to be interactive and support customers. The recipe cards were visually appealing and opened like a greeting card (picture and recipe on front cover, instructions and ingredients in the center, and nutrition facts and chef bio on the back). I also liked that they have already switched to the new Nutrition Facts labels. The meals were above average but none stood out as my very favorite of all the meals from meal delivery services I’ve tried. Since the meals change each week, a different week might have had something that would be more of a show stopper.

Next up for review, Purple Carrot and then Marley Spoon!


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