If you didn’t get a chance to read my other meal service reviews, you can find them at these links: Blue ApronPlatedHello FreshHome Chef and Green Chef.

** Side note: You might have noticed a big gap between my Green Chef review and this one. Since finishing Green Chef, I had to take a break while I was working hard to finish studying for my ACE Personal Trainer exam to become a certified personal trainer. I successfully passed and am now both a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. I'm in the process of finishing my new business website, Balance 52, and will be transferring the blog over to the new website this weekend! I also finished my Project 333 challenge on May 31st and will be adding a blog post soon about my experience with that. I will continue the blog as I transition into a full time role as a nutrition consultant and worksite wellness coordinator/consultant. I will be accepting both virtual and in person consultations and am working on accepting...

If you didn’t get a chance to read my other meal service reviews, you can find them at these links: Blue ApronPlated, Hello Fresh and Home Chef.

Now for Green Chef!

Ordering: This was the first meal delivery service that had a distinctly different ordering process. Instead of being able to choose from 6-12 menu options, it selected 3 for you based on your preferences. This is also the first one I've tried that accommodates for multiple special diets. The options they have are omnivore (standard plan), carnivore, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and paleo. Each of these selections has slightly different prices ($10.49-$15.99 per meal) but I found that when I made certain adjustments to the plan it sometimes gave the exact same meals but one option was cheaper than the other. I ended up going with the omnivore option which had a chicken, pork and veggie meal versus the chicken, pork and fish in the carnivore plan that was $1.50 more per meal. 

Website: The website...

Home Chef was great fun to try and added some unique extras that the other meal services don't offer! If you didn’t get a chance to read my other meal service reviews, you can find them at these links: Blue ApronPlated and Hello Fresh)

Ordering: I used an online coupon code and it was fairly easy to set up the ordering to whichever meals you prefer. There are 11 options that you can

put in any combination and they add helpful icons including calorie conscious, carb conscious and vegetarian. You are also able to add a breakfast, smoothie and a fruit basket. I decided to try all three to get the full feel for the service. You can get $30 off your order by using this code. You can select which meals you would like to receive, but when I changed my selections it didn't save and it reverted back to the default meals and I ended up not receiving the meals I had picked. When I contacted them they said it was too late so I was stuck with what I got. That was frustrating but *spoiler* al...

If you didn’t get a chance to read my Plated and Blue Apron reviews, you can do that here (Blue Apron Link and Plated Link)

Ordering: I used my friends $40 off code and it was very easy to set everything up using the link she sent me. You can also get $40 off using the code LMBAXTE. Once you have an account they promote ‘Give $40, Get $20’ where by sharing your link you can give a big discount and receive $20 off your next order. If you order more boxes, you are also given the option to give entire boxes to friends for free.

Website: It was easy setting everything up and the website is simple to navigate. I had some connectivity and loading issues when I tried to look at my order after it was placed. 

App: The app, like the website, was sometimes slow to load or wouldn’t load. When it did load, you were able to track your order, look at upcoming weeks, pick your meals and skip weeks.

Packaging: HelloFresh really stood out with the packaging in comparison to Plated and Blue Apr...

In case you didn’t get a chance to read my first meal service review (Plated), I am writing a review of each of the available meal service companies that ship to my area. I have located approximately 10 and will be writing a review of each. My next review will be of HelloFresh.

Ordering: We were lucky enough to get a 2-week meal plan as a wedding gift, so I clicked on the email code sent from our registry (Zola) and then selected the date we wanted the service to start. I highly recommend a meal service as a wedding gift, it was great! Plated and Blue Apron were very similar with some slight differences. The main difference is Plated gives you 16 meal choices whereas Blue Apron only gives you 6. For Blue Apron, it will only let you pick certain combinations from the 6 meals. I'm guessing this is to balance out the higher cost meals but when you only start with 6 options it makes your choices very limited. You can also add wine pairing or order what appears to be almost anything you wo...

Overall, I was very happy with Plated and would come back to it once I try all the competition and know how they measure up. I have discovered 10 different meal services I'm going to be trying and reviewing: Blue Apron, Chef Day, Green Chef, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Marley Spoon, Peach Dish, Plated, Purple Carrot and Sun Basket. All have something similar to Plated where you get the cold packed ingredients straight to your door with 3 recipe cards for 2 people for around $10-$12 per meal. Plated has an option to choose between 11 different meals plus you can add 2 different desserts. They all have promotions for your first time trying their service if you look online or at their websites. Plated has a $30 off your first delivery which brought these 3 meals to a total of $42 after tax including delivery.

These services are great for busy people like me who are trying to simplify their life, end up going out to eat a lot because the grocery shopping hasn't been done, tired of the same fe...

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